Lubritech Trading Company was jointly established in 2006 by Mr. Mohammed Alli & Helal Ahmed. This trading company represents Maintenance Repairing Overhauling (MRO) solutions to the manufacture industries in Pakistan marketplace and creates sale. Our mission in the face of a changing industry is to provide a direct link from the principals by signing an agency agreement with MAGNA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD. for their OMEGA Lubricants and for ZetaLube that we represent to our customers. We execute this with the highest integrity, open communication, and teamwork. This is our mission and formula for success
About MAGNA INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD is owned leading international business corporation with nearly 100 years of history, Illinois Tool Works Inc. (NYSE: ITW) is a diversified manufacturer of advanced industrial technology. Specifically, they design and produce an array of highly engineered fasteners and components, equipment and consumable systems, and specialty products and equipment for customers around the world. OMEGA specialty lubricants are probably the finest line of Quality Oils, Greases and Additives in the world.
OMEGA specialty lubricants are generally made from premium and limited source Paraffinic-type base oils because of their naturally higher viscosity index, stability and purity.
Supplements in the lubricant are technologically-advanced family of exclusive and unique agents designed to provide maximum protection for costly machinery, vehicles & plant equipments. These equipments mostly associated TEXTILE, STEEL, FOOD and PHARMACEUTICAL industries.
Omega supplies Total Concept Lubricants engineered and developed with the single aim of enabling machinery to perform more efficiently, with less wear and extended service life

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