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ZetaLube 220

Anti Wear Hydraulic Oil. Excellent anti-wear characteristics to prevent load carrying surface from excessive wear. Highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which extends service life of machinery and equipment. More

ZetaLube 221

High VI Hydraulic Oil. It is a high viscosity-index, multi –grade anti wear hydraulic oil that provides excellent film protection. And strength to hydraulic machineries / equipment exposed to a wide service temperature range such as out door hydraulic equipment. More

ZetaLube 222

Compressor Oil. Formulated with quality base fluid. It is specially designed to provide effective lubrication for ROTARY, SCREW and PISTON type air compressors. This high viscosity-index, multi-grade anti wear compressor oil provides excellent film protection and strength to machineries/equipment exposed to a wide service temperature range. More

ZetaLube 223

Turbine Oil. It is specially designed to provide effective day-to-day lubrication for turbines operating continuously under harsh condition. It is fortified with package of additives engineered for the applications on both gas and steam turbine demanding protection against wear, moisture, high loads, elevated temperatures.

ZetaLube 224

Heat Transfer Oil. Formulated with quality mineral oil and special additives. It is designed to provide maintenance professionals / engineers an economical and efficient circulating fluid for any heat transfer system. More

ZetaLube 225

Chain / Slide way Oil. It is formulated with quality, high viscosity mineral oil and a package of additives that provides good load-carrying capability, high oxidation resistance, excellent corrosion protection, and special adhesiveness to resist wash-off from chain and slide way surfaces. It not only provides lubrication but also protection against rust and wears to chains and slideways of machineries /equipment. More

ZetaLube 226

Graphite Chain Oil. It is fortified with specially designed solid lubricants to continue its application at extremely high temperature. Combined with ZetaLube 226’s package of additives, this makes ZetaLube 226 an effective chain lube for lubrication of chain systems exposed to wide service temperature range, high load, and corrosive condition. More

ZetaLube 227

Hi Temp Chain Oil. It is formulated with synthetic base fluid and a package of modern additives specially made for high temperature application.It doesn’t leave any carbon deposits that are damaging to the chain system.

Zeta Lube 228

Extra Pressure Gear Oil. Specially designed for the heavy-duty industrial gear systems, It is composed of high viscosity mineral oil and extreme-pressure additives that provide extra film strength and protection to gear exposed to high load/pressure and elevated temperatures. More

Zeta Lube 229

Synthetic Gear Oil. It is formulated with quality high VI synthetic base stock and a blend of proprietary additives to protect gears sets against WEAR, RUST and CORROSION under high load and high temperature conditions. This gear oil is so efficient and effective that money and time can be saved, service life of gears can be extended. More

Zeta Lube 240

All-purpose MRO Oil. It is a penetrating / maintenance oil engineered to meet the basic MRO requirements in virtually all industries. I t can be applied to provide lubrication, to penetrate and release rusted parts, to protect parts in hard-to-reach area from RUST and CORROSION.

Zeta Lube 250

Knitting Oil. It is specially formulated cost-effective knitting oil designed for the lubrication of knitting machines with speed lower then 20,000 rpm. It is completely stain-resistant which means that operators in the textile industry don’t need to allocate extra resources to clean up deposits caused by lubricating oils. In addition, its mild anti-static and anti-oxidation properties make it suitable for use in high speed knitting and winding machinery employed in textile industry.

Zeta Lube 260

Penetrating & Rust Preventative Oil. Excellent penetrating power. High flash point for safer storage and transportation. It is recommended for removing stubborn threaded parts from machinery/equipment for repair or maintenance jobs in all most all industries.

Zeta Lube 261 Long Term Rust Preventive
Zeta Lube 262 Quick Drying Rust Preventive
Zeta Lube 263 Water Based Rust Preventive .

They are a range of oil-, solvent-, and water based products engineered to provide exceptional protection to all metal parts against corrosion or rusting with minimal cost, minimum surface preparation,and incredibly easy removal.

Zeta Lube 800

Radiator Flush.It is one of the helpful preventative tools for vehicle owners to keep their car running smoothly on the roads. After all prevention is the best solution to radiator failure.

Zeta Lube 801

Radiator Additive. It is specially designed to provide extra-protection to the cooling system, a critical part of any car engine. It also protect the radiators from corrosion and rust, and helps condition the water pumps.

Zeta Lube 802

Fuel System Cleaner. It is specially designed to clean fuel injectors and condition intake valves. Deposits built up in the fuel injectors and intake valve of fuel system surely leads to loss in power and increase in emission level.

Zeta Lube 803

Anti-Freeze Fluid. It is specially designed to provide extra-protection to the cooling system even at extremely freezing temperature below –30’C (-22’F). It is long lasting handy coolant vehicles owners can rely upon in all four seasons for year.

Zeta Lube 820

Passenger Car Engine Oil. It is engineered to maintain the performance of passenger car gasoline engines and light-duty diesel engines over a prolonged period of time. Formulated with quality base fluid and special additives, it provides naturally more then just basic protection to the car engines.

Zeta Lube 821

All Fleet Engine Oil. It is formulated with modern additives and special grade of base oil to protect and smoothen most diesel engines and gasoline engines of commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

Zeta Lube 822

Brake Fluid. It is sensational, high performance non-petroleum based brake & clutch fluid for all hydraulic braking system such as disc/drum Anti Lock brakes system and clutches. It meets and exceeds the DOT 4 standard with “dry”boilling point exceeding 230’ C (446’F).

Zeta Lube 850

Four Stroke Motorcycles Oil. It is formulated with quality base fluid and modern additives. It is the multi-grade engine oil specially designed for four-stroke engines of motorcycles and some industrial equipment requiring JASO MA and API SG performance standards.

Zeta Lube 860

Automatic Transmission Fluid. It is formulated with quality refined base fluid and proprietary package of additives to provide long-life service to automatic transmission system of vehicles such as passenger cars, light trucks.

Zeta Lube 861

Automotive Gear Oil. It is specially engineered for automotive gear sets usually exposed to high revolution speed, dramatic gear shifts frequent accelerator /deceleration, wide fluctuations, high load and shock. It is formulated with highly refined base fluid and proprietary package of additives. It is suitable for gear systems of nearly all models of cars requiring API GL-5 performance standard.